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SCHOOL - "Bear River well represented as robots invade Texas"

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BEAR RIVER HIGH - May 10, 2022

Bear River Robotics, sponsored by Bear River High School, fielded seven robotics competition teams this year — two middle school teams and five high school teams.

See's previously posted article on the link below.

During the regular competition season, these teams engaged in 439 matches against 270 teams from 20 different states and two provinces of Canada. As a result of their efforts, they earned eight Excellence Awards, 12 Tournament Championships, eight Skills Championships, three Lord of the Rings Awards, two Design Awards, one Innovate Award and one Sportsmanship Award.

Five of Bear River Robotics’ seven teams were invited to compete in the VEX Robotics World Championship Tournament held in Dallas, Texas during the first week of May. It was a massive affair with a total of 1,320 teams from 49 states and 40 countries participating.

In this intense competition, Bear River Robotics more than held their own with three of their five teams making it into the Divisional Playoffs. The best team advanced to the Quarterfinals before being eliminated by the number two team in the World.

In the Skills Competition, the top two teams were ranked 9th and 19th out of the 1320 teams that competed.

Although there were no World Champions, Bear River did manage to win two trophies: the Sportsmanship Award and the Amaze Award.

The Sportsmanship Award is presented to a team that has earned the respect and admiration of the volunteers and other teams at the event. They are courteous, helpful and respectful to everyone at the event, on and off the field, and interact with others in the spirit of friendly competition and cooperation. They demonstrate teamwork and communicate effectively during the competition.

The Amaze Award goes to a team that has built the most consistently high scoring and competitive robot. That means the construction is high quality, the programming is effective and consistent, and the students understand how to work together to develop the successful robot and can explain that process to the judges.

One parent said of the competition, "It was an amazing experience for them! Across from the Tremonton booths were teams from New York and Taiwan. They were paired up with people from all over the world for their matches, mainly the United States. It was so cool to see all the teams from cute little Tremonton collaborate with other teams and learn how much we have in common with people from all over the globe."

For the 2021-22 competition season, our competition teams were:

Team 98548A – robotNer4ds

J. Peter Jensen, Captain

Jakob Nessen

Caleb Carlson

Team 98548C – Dinosaur

David Roberts, Captain

Jace Bingham

Kason Rees

Remington Sano

Team 98548D – Dynamic Duo +1 +1 +1 −1

Julianne Hayden, Captain

Lindsey Potter

Ruth Woods

Brogen Heaton

Team 98548E – Explosive Engineers

Porter Woolley, Captain

Wyatt Staheli

Ayla Clark

Team 98548F – FastBreak

Ryan Pace, Captain

Braxley Hale

Reed Bourgeous

Team 98548G – gallopingGhost

Tanner Lewis, Captain

Tucker Neilson

Tucker Boone

Team 98548H – Legends

Jayden Mello, Captain

Jaxon Thompson

Atticus Winward

Information provided by Preston Richey, head coach and BRHS chemistry teacher. Courtesy photos


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