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SCHOOL - "Garland Elementary pride shines bright"

GARLAND - By Cari Doutre - May 12, 2020

The streets along the Garland Elementary School teachers parade route were packed on May 11, with excited students waiting to get a quick glimpse at their teachers - and the teachers and staff at the school were just as excited to see students.

The parade along Garland Elementary School boundaries was the first time many students have seen their teachers since March 13, 2020. All public schools in Utah went into dismissal or "soft closure" on March 16, due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Students have been completing academic work online since then.

Led by Garland Elementary Principal Mark Johnson, the parade included almost 20 vehicles full of teachers, staff members and administrators. Cars and trucks were decorated and brightly colored posters expressed teachers' love for students and how much they are missed.

But students and their families also came prepared. Children of all ages, including former Garland Elementary students, held up their own posters. From posters that said "We Miss You" to Garland Elementary School pride, students had lots of love to show their educators.

Photo coverage of this event is provided by Cari Doutre, The Valley Headliner - and courtesy photos submitted by the community.


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