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SCHOOL - Headliner Students of the Month - February 2020

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

TREMONTON - North Park Elementary School - Sponsored by The Art Garage

Esteban Ruiz-Morales

Estaban Ruiz-Moreles - Courtesy Photo

"As a teacher, it is fun to reflect on your time with your students and to think about where they started and how far they have come. One of my favorite growth stories this year stars Esteban as the main character!

The growth Esteban has made this year has not come from simply showing up to school. I would attribute his growth to bravery, perseverance, and the ability to accept feedback, and to apply it.

Each day, I see Esteban put in the extra work that is sometimes required when you are learning a second language. Every time I see him take another small step outside his comfort zone I am reminded of what bravery looks like. When faced with a challenge, Esteban always gives his best effort and perseveres when it would be easy to give up.

Another strength of Esteban’s is the ability to accept feedback and apply it. Because of this, he is making great improvements every day. Esteban continues to impress all those who work with him and is a great example to his classmates. We are lucky to have him in our class!"

- Shaunie Owen, 4th grade teacher, North Park Elementary School

Madilyn Brickey

Madilyn Brickey - Courtesy Photo

"From the first day of school, I knew Madilyn was going to be an asset to our fourth-grade classroom. While completing a team challenge, some of her teammates were getting frustrated because it wasn’t working as quickly as they wanted it to. I wanted to see if the group could work through their problem, so I sat back and watched.

Not long after the doubt had set in, Madilyn encouraged her team with five words, “Slow progress is still progress.” Not only did her words impact her small team, they impacted our whole class, myself included!

Since that first day of school, Madilyn has continued to be a role model for not only our class, but our whole school. She always enters the classroom with a smile on her face and an eagerness to learn something new. When things get challenging, she shows grit and grace as she works hard herself, but also helps others.

Although Madilyn has many wonderful qualities, her ability to be a friend and encourager to all she comes in contact with is one of my favorites. I have been impressed with Madilyn since day one and I am so glad I get to be her teacher this year."

- Shaunie Owen, 4th grade teacher, North Park Elementary School


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