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SCHOOL - Headliner Students of the Month - March 2020

FIELDING - Fielding Elementary School

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Sydnee Pehrson

“From the very first time I met Sydnee Pehrson, I knew she was someone I would love to have in my classroom. This girl never gives up on anything. She always faces her challenges with a smile and “let’s do it” attitude.

I haven’t ever seen Sydnee get irritated or frustrated with a task at hand. If there is a problem that she can’t solve on her own, she simply comes over and asks for help. However, she will stop and explain what she has tried first to solve the problem.

Sydnee doesn’t use the words, “I can’t do this.”

In life, we all have strengths and weaknesses and it might feel like the weaknesses outweigh the strengths. In regards to Sydnee, you would never know the difference.

The first time I listened to her read she said, “I take my time when it comes to reading to sound everything out correctly.”

I said, “perfect, that is not a problem.”

Nevertheless, Sydnee tackles her weaknesses in reading with an unstoppable attitude. She also has a creative mind and has proved it this year with writing and utilizing speech to text as an assistant for her.

However, I have noticed that Sydnee’s academic strengths are math and science. She is extremely clever with math. She has an innate ability to look at a math problem and almost solve it in her head.

I absolutely admire this young lady and I hope that one day I can be as positive as she is in all that I do.”

-Brenda Erickson, 5th grade teacher

Fielding Elementary School

Tucker Helm

“I wish everyone could spend just a few minutes with Tucker Helm! He is the kind of young man that exemplifies the characteristics that instill hope for the future generations.

The motto of Fielding Elementary School is, “Building a community of high-level learners with grit, heart, & hope!”

Tucker is the kind of student that demonstrates these characteristics on a daily basis and has done so consistently for years. It is just the kind of person he is!

His kindergarten teacher said, “I remember Tucker! That kid was such a hard worker!” Another teacher said, “Tucker would never give up even when things were hard for him.” Still another teacher said, “Tucker has the kindest heart. He is the nicest kid.”

Tucker is the kind of student who is going places! Tucker’s positive attitude and work ethic definitely build up those around him.”

We recently celebrated Tucker’s half birthday. As part of this celebration his classmates were asked to describe him.

A few of the things they said included: he is caring, willing to help, smart, funny, nice, and a good friend. They also said he always gives his best effort and is a true example of “Grit, Heart and Hope!”

The next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, think of Tucker’s smile and “show your grit, take heart and have hope!”

-Tami Munns, 5th grade teacher

Fielding Elementary School


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