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SCHOOL - "Porter Tackett named 2020 Male Athlete of the Year"

BEAR RIVER HIGH – By Cari Doutre – May 31, 2020

Porter Tackett and Van Park - May 11, 2020

Publisher’s note: The Bear River High School Class of 2020 didn’t get the traditional senior awards ceremony that other graduating classes before them had.

The world-wide COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic that closed all public schools in Utah on March 16, 2020 meant high schools needed to find an alternative way to celebrate graduating seniors.

Bear River High administrators opted to do a surprise home visit for the four graduating seniors receiving the 2020 student athletes of the year awards. Working closely with parents to plan it all, administrators and coaches from Bear River High were able to honor these students in a way that meets social distancing guidelines.

Bear River Live and The Valley Headliner – were both invited to capture those surprise moments and the award ceremonies.

Bear River Live produced videos for each of the four students and The Valley Headliner – provided originally written articles and pictures for each of the students.

Find that video below the article.

Porter Tackett’s parents, Jason and Margo, said it best - Porter was born to be an athlete.

From a young age, Porter’s parents said he was always playing sports. That dedication and love for sports stayed with him throughout his high school career and was just one reason why Porter was named this year’s 2020 Male Athlete of the Year at Bear River High School.

On May 11, a group of Bear River High administrators and coaches surprised Porter at his home in Tremonton to announce this recognition and give him a proper award ceremony.

“As much as Porter’s physical athletic traits have always shown through, he also has the mind of an athlete. He wants to understand the sport,” said Bear River High’s Athletic Director Van Park during the award ceremony.

As a three-sport athlete in football, wrestling and soccer at Bear River High, Porter has proven to be a natural born athlete in all three sports and a leader for his teammates.

Not only that, Porter was a two-year member of the Bear River High Madrigals choir.

“Porter is one of those amazing kids that you ask to do something and he just knows and gets after it. He always gave his very best and I know he’ll be a success in life,” said Bear River High head football coach Chris Wise.

In the end, Park said, it was just one of many of Porter’s characteristics that helped him succeed in sports.

“Porter has a great character trait that served him well in high school and will continue to serve him throughout his life. He knows how to work hard,” added Park.

Athletic Achievements at Bear River High


· Four-year member of the team

· Four years lettered

· Rookie of the Year 2017

· 2020 Team Captain


· Three-year member of the team

· Three years lettered

· 2020 – 2nd place Divisionals in the 170-pound weight division

· 2020 – 5th place 4A State tournament in the 170-pound weight division

· 2020 Team Captain


· Four-year member of the team

· Three years lettered

· 2019 Special Team’s Most Valuable Player of the Year

More photo coverage can be found below.

Porter Tackett - May 11, 2020
Porter Tackett and Chris Wise - May 11, 2020
Porter Tackett - May 11, 2020


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