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SCHOOL – “Requests for Bus Transportation Now Required for Box Elder School District”

BOX ELDER COUNTY – August 8, 2022

Bus transportation for students in Box Elder School District just entered a new era of technology and parents and guardians will play a key role in some big changes headed their way.

Box Elder School District is now requiring that all general education students that rely on bus transportation to and/or from school must request transportation through an app for students to be eligible for bus transportation starting with the upcoming 2022-23 school year.

Parents and guardians must download and sign up with the Edulog Parent Portal app where they can request bus transportations for their students. A step-by-step of instructions and a video tutorial can be found on Box Elder School District’s Passport link by first logging in and clicking on the student’s name where they will find the BUSING INFO link. That link includes instructions (also found below) on how to download the Edulog Parent Portal app and how to request school bus transportation.

The Edulog Parent Portal app will also allow parents to view their student’s bus stop location, bus stop time, bus number and track the location of the bus to gauge arrival times each day. Parents and guardians can also receive push notifications when their student’s bus is approaching their stop. This app also sends notifications and alerts regarding updates and/or changes to the bussing schedule as they are made available and to receive messages on bus delays.

If any are unable to download the app, contact the transportation department at Box Elder School District at (435) 734-4839 for additional help.


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