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SCHOOL - "The Cupboard Isn't Bare Anymore"

Alice C. Harris Intermediate School Backpack Program cuboard

TREMONTON - By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist, January 3, 2023

When Old Mother Hubbard found herself with an empty cupboard, she and her dog went without. But at Alice C. Harris Intermediate School, it just took a plea to the public and the empty cupboard was full.

"How in the world can we say thank you enough for caring about our Harris kids," said Principal David Lee. "We had an overwhelming response from the community when we posted about needing food for our backpack program. The cupboard isn't bare anymore."

Lee said it took not time at all for the shelves at the school to fill up following that request made in an article shared by

"We were amazed at how one post brought so much support for our program," he said, noting that the generosity of so many during the holiday season was amazing. "Thank you for caring, thank you for showing what a wonderful community we have. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

The school will continue to accept donations of bread, peanut butter, jam, granola bars, cereal or shelf milk, along with other items that can be placed in a backpack and sent home with students over the weekend to ensure they are getting properly fed. Contact the school at (435) 515-5000, or bring items to 515 N. 800 W., Tremonton.


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