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SPORTS - “Bear River boys' track takes home two state titles”

Bear River High boys' 4x400 relay team, May 21, 2022 - Photo by Chad Hurst

Bear River High boys' track team, May 12, 2022 - Courtesy photo

BEAR RIVER HIGH - By Tate Atkin, Headliner Sports Editor, May 26, 2022

The Bear River High boys’ track team came home from the 2022 4A State Track and Field Championships with not one but two state titles in relay events. The Bears represented well at the state tournament held May 20-21, at Brigham Young University in Provo.

In the boys’ 4x200 relay event, Bear River High took first place with team members Tucker Cutler, Josh Fowler, Braxton Hurst and Kenneth Pingel finishing with a time of 1:30.06. Following that event in the boys’ 4x400 relay, Braxton Craven Ammon Hunter, Kenneth Pingel and Braxton Hurst also took home a first-place win, and a state title, with a time of 3:22.40 minutes.

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Kenneth Pingel and Tucker Cutler, May 21, 2022 - Photo by Chad Hurst

Braxton Hurst and Braxton Craven, May 21, 2022 - Photo by Chad Hurst

On May 11-12, the Bear River High boys' and girls' track and field teams headed to Ridgeline High for the Region 11 championships, the final opportunity for the athletes to qualify for the state meet, and a chance to bring home the region championship. Although the girls' team competed well, they fell short of the championship.

The boys' team was outstanding and took home several first and second place finishes for their events. With so many top three finishes, the Bear River boys' track and field team beat the competition and left Millville with the Region 11 championship - the first region championship for the boys in school history. Additional results can be found below.

2022 4A State Track and Field Championships results:

1st place:

  • Boys’ 4x200 relay (1:30.06)

  • Boys’ 4x400 relay (3:22.40)

2nd place:

  • Braxton Hurst – 400-meter (50.13)

  • Boys’ 4x100 relay (43.39)

  • Boys’ 4x800 relay (8:15.34)

3rd place:

  • Josh Fowler – 200-meter (22.45)

  • Isaac Evans – Shot Put (48-00.75)

4th place:

  • Josh Fowler – 100-meter (11.18)

  • Ammon Hunter – 800-meter (1:58.30)

  • Daxton Sorensen – High Jump (6-00.00)

5th place:

  • Tydon Jones – Javelin (152-02.75)

6th place:

  • Naomi Tomlinson – 400-meter (1:00.55)

7th place:

  • Girls’ 4x400 relay (4:11.58)

  • Erica Payne – Shot Put (35-05.25)

  • Braxton Hurst – Long Jump (20-10.75)

8th place:

  • Girls’ 4x800 relay (10:26.10)

  • David Bourgeous – High Jump (5-10.00)

10th place:

  • Gracie Riley – Javelin (95-10)

2022 Region 11 Track and Field Championships results:

1st place:

  • Josh Fowler - 100-meter

  • Braxton Hurst - 400-meter

  • Tydon Jones - Javelin

  • Isaac Evans - Shot Put

  • Boys' 4x200 - Tucker Cutler, Kenneth Pingel, Joshua Fowler, Braxton Hurst, Will Rhodes and Braxton Craven

  • Girls' 4x400 - Liz Phillips, Mattie Johnston, Rylee Towne, Naomi Tomlinson and Morgan Mickelsen

  • Boys' 4x400 - Braxton Craven, Ammon Hunter, Kenneth Pingel, Braxton Hurst, Matthew Spotten and Conner Jensen

  • Boys' 4x800 - Braxton Craven, Matthew Spotten, Ammon Hunter, Kenneth Pingel and Kael Kowallis

2nd place:

  • Braxton Hurst - Long Jump

  • Josh Fowler - 200-meter

  • Liz Phillips - 1600-meter

  • Boys' 4x100 - Noah Nicholls, Tucker Cutler, Will Rhodes, Joshua Fowler, Tiran Fertig and Conner Jensen

3rd place:

  • Conner Jensen - 300-meter

  • Braxton Craven - 1600-meter

  • Mattie Johnston -100-meter hurdles

4th place:

  • Girls' 4x100 - Morgan Mickelsen, Jenna Kunzler, Brynlee Christensen, Saige Murray, Kylie Nelson and Jailyn Farnsworth

5th place:

  • Girls' 4x200 - Mattie Johnston, Jailyn Farnsworth, Rylee Towne, Samantha George, Brynlee Christensen and Saige Murray

  • Girls' 4x800 - Shylee Kofoed, Rebecca Curtis, Madison Auble, Liz Phillips and Katie Wynn


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