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SPORTS – “Bears lose close rivalry game to Box Elder”

BOX ELDER HIGH – By Justus Wise, Headliner Sports Writer – September 6, 2021

Admitting defeat is hard. Admitting defeat to the Box Elder ‘Beets’ is nearly impossible.

The winless Bear River High School football team traveled to the nether realm that is Brigham City and went head-to-head against the just as winless ‘Beeps’ and lost, 14-6. It was the closest game, both on the scoreboard and geographically, that the Bears have had all season. The rivalry, now sitting at 101 years old, has remained strong through the years and the enmity runs deep for both teams.

Bear River High’s head football coach Chris Wise had this to say about the game…

“I was really proud of how the boys played. They had a lot of opportunities to quit and they never did. We need to find ways to finish offensively. We were inside the red zone seven times without scoring and so we need to do that a lot better. We ask asking a lot from the guys that are starting who are playing both sides and playing both sides as hard as they are. Every kid is a warrior and I think we can learn from what we did on Friday and move on,” Wise said.

The Bears ended the day with 213 passing yards and 169 rushing for an overall balanced offensive attack. The Bears defense did a phenomenal job of stopping the ‘Beegs’ offense and kept them to only 65 passing yards but gave up 235 rushing. A textbook connection from Ryker Jeppsen to Kaeson Burn resulted in the Bears’ only touchdown for the evening.

Although it’s unbelievably tough to lose to a team in purple we, as Bear fans, must look eagerly to the future. The Bears face off against their first region opponent next week at Sky View High School on Friday, September 10, at 7 p.m.


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