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SPORTS - “Boys’ lacrosse finding their groove”

Bear River High's Gavyn Haws, March 23, 2022 - Photo by John Fronk

BEAR RIVER HIGH - By Justus Wise, Headliner Sports Editor, April 8, 2022

With a record of 2-4 on the season, the two wins coming from the last two weeks, it cannot be denied that the Bear River High boys’ lacrosse team, although not claiming the record they want, is starting to find their mojo going into region play.

The Bears’ first Swaray into the season on March 10, saw them face off against the Wasatch High Wasps. The Wasps stung our Bears fast scoring 10 goals in the first half alone and allowing only two goals coming from juniors Gavin Hawes and Kase Avery. After a no doubt exceptionally fiery halftime speech, the Bears came out scoring two more goals in the third quarter and holding the Wasps to one. This would prove not enough as Wasatch came back in the fourth quarter with six more goals. The Bears would fall to the Wasps, 17-4.

For next stop on March 16, the Bears took was to battle it out with the Copper Hills High Grizzlies. This battle of the bruins, while not ending the way we all had wished, showed a consistency from Bear River that was lacking during the Wasatch game. The Bears started off scoreless in the first but consistently scored the rest of the game. Defense would prove to be our downfall however, as the Grizzlies would beat out the Bears, 14-4.

The Bears’ fight against the Roy High Royals on March 18, became closest game yet from the season. The Bears stuck with the Royals for most of the game scoring six goals compared to the Royals’ eight. Despite the strong first half, Bear River couldn’t maintain their offensive attack and despite the home field advantage fell to the Royals, 12-7.

Watch the Bears take on the Roy High boys’ lacrosse team, courtesy of Bear River Live, on the link below.

Bear River, desperate for a win, went into their game against the Bonneville High Lakers on March 23, hungry and looking for a fight. The game started off like the other games the Bears have experienced this season, a tight fight resulting in their scoring four goals and the Lakers scoring six. A tight game, yes, but still winnable. The Bears came out of the half rabid and angry and closed the gap between them and the Lakers making the score sixes.

The fourth quarter proved to be anyone’s game as the score stayed relatively tight at 9-8 for the Lakers. It was then that senior Sawyer Davis had an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime, interception turned goal that resulted in a tied game. The Bears would claim their first victory in a thrilling, 10-9, win over Bonneville High.

Catch all the excitement from the Bear River vs. Bonneville boys' lacrosse game, courtesy of Bear River Live, on the link below.

The Bears next bout took them to Sandy on March 25, where they faced off against the Waterford Ravens. The Bears’ winning streak would extend into this game where they would beat down on the Ravens and win, 9-5. Davis, Avery, Myles Nielson and freshmen Case Avery and Carson Van Tassell, each scored at least once with several scoring multiple goals.

Unfortunately, the Bears luck would run out where it really counted, against their cross-county rivals the Box Elder High Bees on April 1, in Brigham City. To lose to the Box Elder is bad enough, to lose in a very close battle adds an entire layer of pain to the loss.

The Bears, off to a slow start, scored five in the first half but couldn't keep the Bees from scoring eight goals. Again, after an exceptionally fiery halftime speech, Bear River came back to hang with the Bees. Within the second half the Bears scored five while holding the Bees to a meager four. This, regrettably, would not be enough to secure the win and the bear would fall to the bee, 12-10.

Rewatch the Bear River vs. Box Elder boys’ lacrosse game on the link below courtesy of Bear River Live.

Up next for the Bear River High boys’ lacrosse team, after a short spring break, the Bears will return to the lacrosse field to face off against their first Region 11 opponent of the season, Ridgeline High. That game will be held at Bear River High on April 13, starting at 7 p.m.

Photos by John Fronk

Bear River vs. Bonneville - March 23, 2022

Kash Avery

Kaden Carbine

Gavyn Haws

Kash Avery

Sawyer Davis

Kase Avery

Owen Hess

Dakota Julander

Sawyer Davis

Myles Nielson

Myles Nielson

Kash Avery

Fierce Miller

Fierce Miller

Michael Evans

Brennan Booth

Carson Van Tassell


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