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SPORTS - “Girls' golf team impresses in tough conditions at state tournament”

Pictured above: Bear River High girls' golf coach Jim Thomas, Trinity Pugsley, Abbi Nessen, Tylee Bennett, Maci Roberts, Angie Delgado, Jessa Theurer and Gracie Nelson.

Photo by Marnee Theurer

BEAR RIVER HIGH - By Tate Atkin, Headliner Sports Editor, May 14, 2022

It wasn't a relaxing day in the sun for the Bear River High girls' golf team as they traveled to Sunbrook Golf Club in St. George to compete in the 2022 4A girls' golf high school state championship tournament, May 11-12. The Lady Bears knew the competition would be tough, but it was the conditions that made it even more challenging for the golfers this year.

Bear River High girls' golf coach Jim Thomas prepared his team well for the elements and explained to them it was going to be a mental battle. Thomas also told the team that they would need to focus on each shot and not worry about their score, as it would be difficult to know what a good score would be when it was all said and done. With windy conditions and walking over seven miles each day pushing their golf bags, it was enough to wear down even an experienced golfer.

The Lady Bears are a young team led by up-and-coming underclassmen who continue to improve and impress. The lack of experience was not an issue as the girls fought through the tough circumstances and over-exceeded any expectations, they had placed on them.

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Bear River High girls' golf team, Sunbrook Golf Club, May 11, 2022 - Photo by Marnee Theurer

In order to make it to the second day of the tournament, a team must place in the top eight. After battling through the first day with girls posting good scores on the course, the Bears finished in 6th place ahead of three Region 11 opponents and moved on to the second day of competition.

The second day was a little more of a struggle for the Bear River High girls' golf team as they faced tough competition in their pairings and continued to battle the difficult golf course. Their scores dropped from the previous day, but they finished the state tournament in 8th place overall.

Freshman sensation Tylee Bennett continued to excel on the golf course as she shot a 94 the first day and a 95 the second day, all while playing alongside the number one ranked golfer from Region 11 and the top ranked golfer in 4A and a state champion from Dixie High School. Bennett held her own and competed well finishing 14th overall - a remarkable for a freshman.

Sophomores Jessa Theurer and Angie Delgado finished the tournament strong both shooting a 105. Junior Maci Roberts also stepped up and shot a 107. Also competing in the 4A state girls' golf championship tournament were sophomores Trinity Pugsley and Abbi Nessen.

"It was a very positive tournament. I was blown away with how they hung in there and with how well they did. Getting to the second day of the tournament was huge," Thomas said.

"The girls continued to improve each week and peaked at the right time. I was very impressed with how we played happy golf and didn't let the elements get to us. The girls were consistent all year and were mentally tough. It's a great team and I am excited about the future," he added.

Photos courtesy of Marnee Theurer

Coach Jim Thomas and Jessa Theurer, May 11, 2022 - Photo by Marnee Theurer

Abby Nessen, May 11, 2022 - Photo by Marnee Theurer

Jessa Theurer, May 11, 2022 - Photo by Marnee Theurer


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