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SPORTS - "Lisa Miller named Coach of the Year"

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre – May 3, 2020

A great coach doesn’t just teach skills and strategy. A great coach isn’t about how many wins they bring in. What makes a coach great is how they inspire and motivate their players on, and off, the competitive field as well as the lessons that are learned along the way.

Lisa Miller, 31, of Tremonton is one of those great coaches that not only teaches young girls how to play soccer but also how to be confident but also how to be better individuals from the inside and out.

If you ask Lexi Winn what her favorite motivational quote is, she will tell you this, “teamwork makes the dream work.”

Lisa just happens to be Lexi’s mom and soccer coach. The lessons Lisa has inspired in her own daughter are much the same for the girls on Lexi’s competitive soccer team that Lisa coaches. Lisa teaches her young players (ages 11-13) to be better on and off the field, how to reach their goals and the importance of hard work.

“Lisa is the type of coach that teaches the girls to work hard, pushes them to do better and loves them with her whole heart. She teaches the girls how to play soccer with grit and grace, no matter the outcome of the game,” said Hollie Allen.

Hollie’s daughter Addie is on Lisa’s 13U soccer team, part of the Utah Youth Soccer Association. The name of that team is fitting for where they live – they are the Bears.

Hollie isn’t the only soccer mom on the team that has noticed Lisa’s impact on their daughter.

“Lisa is one of those coaches they could make a movie about. She’s what you think of when you hear “more than just a coach.’ She is a life mentor and helps them to be good people. Lisa is a partner in raising our girls. Every parent should have at least one like her,” said Holly Meeds.

Then word got around in the UYSA community and Lisa’s reputation as a coach was recognized.

Lisa was recently named Northern Utah United Girls’ Competitive Coach of the Year with presenting partner Ollie Sports. This is what the organization had to say about Lisa.

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Photo courtesy of the Utah Youth Soccer Association and Ollie Sports.

“Lisa is loved by her team. Not only is she a great coach, but she is a great role model and mentor for the girls on her team. Every one of the girls looks up to her. She pushes the girls to be better, not just on the field, but off the field as well. She teaches the girls life and soccer skills, as well as teacher her players to work hard and pushes them to reach their goals. Lisa truly cares about each player and is always willing to put more work to help any one of the girls on her team,” the Utah Youth Soccer Association stated when the honor was announced.

When it was announced that Lisa received this prestigious award, many of the parents who have daughters on Lisa’s team couldn’t say enough about her.

“Anything positive we as parents could say about Lisa would be an understated compliment, that is truly how strongly I feel about her and what she has done for our girls. She has enriched all of our lives with her sense of humor, love for our families and the way that she is able to challenge our girls in a firm yet fun way," said Lori Hillis.

"It’s a testament to her relationship with our girls that they continue to meet high expectations and challenge themselves even when it feels too hard. They push through because they want to and because she has taught them that there is no goal too high that you cannot reach with perseverance and determination,” she added.

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Coach Lisa Miller and the Bears. Courtesy Photo

The sport of soccer isn’t just something Lisa picked up as adult and starting coaching. Lisa, a 2007 graduate of Bear River High School, was a four-year member of the Lady Bears’ soccer team.

Soccer is more than just a sport to Lisa, it’s one of her true passions in life, and is why she decided to inspire others to love the sport too.

“Lisa has not just taught our girls to play soccer, it’s more than just that – she has taught them valuable life skills they can use for the rest of their lives,” said Chrystal Butler.

“The best thing of all is there is absolutely no doubt that Lisa sincerely loves each and every one of our girls and does all she can to help them succeed,” she added.

Just to make Lisa sound even more impressive than she already is, she is also the owner a of a booming and thriving small business that has earned a national reputation for the products she sells.

Lisa owns The Teal Mill, an online store that sells hats, bags and tumblers. She sells them on and on their website, The business also makes popular custom-made hats for other businesses or organizations.

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Oh wait, there’s more. Lisa is married to Riley Miller and she is the mother to four children. Lexi, 11, the oldest, has three younger brothers; Heston, 6, Rockwell, 4, and Hayes, 1. One other family member also needs to be mentioned – their massive 70-pound Berendoodle (a Bernese Mountain dog/poodle mix) named Coach.

Even other coaches in the valley have noticed Lisa’s exceptional coaching including Bear River High’s Head Boys’ Soccer Coach Jesse Esquival.

“Lisa is a driven person. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. Her expectations for her players are the same she requires of herself. She is passionate about the sport and playing wherever it is possible,” Esquival said.

Ollie Sports also recognizes the importance of coaches in the lives of youth across the country.

“These great coaches align with our motto to measure what matters and are truly focused on developing young soccer players and not just the results of the game,” Ollie Sports said.

But the person who Lisa has taught and inspired the best sums her up – her daughter.

“I couldn’t have a better coach and she always pushes you because she knows you can do better,” Lexi said.

Lisa Miller and her daughter Lexi Winn. Courtesy Photo.
Courtesy Photo
Lisa Miller and Addie Allen. Courtesy Photo.


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