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SPORTS - "One last pitch for the 2020 Bear River High baseball seniors"

BEAR RIVER HIGH – By Cari Doutre – May 8, 2020

It wasn’t the send-off five seniors on the Bear River High School baseball team thought they were going to get when they started the 2020 season earlier this spring.

But a lot has happened since March and sadly for high school seniors everywhere it meant an abrupt end of their high school careers.

After the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic shutdown much of the nation in mid-March, including public schools in Utah and all high school sports, the Bear River High varsity baseball team only managed six baseball games in the 2020 high school season before the season was officially cancelled.

Fast-forward to almost two months later, this group of seniors were honored in a very subdued, and in a safe socially distanced way.

On Friday, May 8, those seniors, Dillon Marble, Ashton Rhodes, Tanner Orton, Kam Rees and Austin Taylor on the 2020 Bear River baseball team were honored by friends, family, coaches and teammates at their home field - Bear Field.

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Kam Rees, Austin Taylor, Tanner Orton, Ashton Rhodes and Dillon Marble - Photo by Cari Doutre

Watching and listening from vehicles parked near the high school baseball field, a loudspeaker allowed everyone to hear the seniors’ proper send-offs.

A quick picture in front of their 2020 Bear River High baseball poster was taken and one last pitch, thrown by their fathers, completed the send-off. No fanfare. No crowds. And just like that their high school baseball careers were over.

Look for more Bear River High School Class of 2020 senior tributes to be posted at in the next few weeks.

Bear River High School senior Ashton Rhodes - Photo by Cari Doutre
Buster Marble - Photo by Cari Doutre
Tanner Orton and his father, Joe Orton - Photo by Cari Doutre
Chris Rees - Photo by Cari Doutre
2020 Bear River High School baseball team's seniors - Photo by Cari Doutre


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