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Vehicles stolen; residents urged to lock up

HONEYVILLE -August 27, 2021

Detectives with the Box Elder Sheriff's Department are investigating a number of recent vehicle thefts and vehicle burglaries in the Honeyville area.

A press release stated that deputies received a report about 7 a.m. on Thursday, August 26, that two vehicles were missing from a home in Honeyville. One vehicle was a 2006 maroon Ford F15o and the second was a red 2012 Toyota Camry.

While the deputy was gathering information at the crime scene, a family friend reported that the Ford was parked north of the residence on SR38. It had been "gone through" and tools were missing. The Toyota (Utah license X090LS) has yet to be recovered.

In the evening of that same day, four more car burglaries were reported. Items were missing in all four cases, included an AR15 rifle. All of the vehicles were unlocked. Detectives are actively pursuing leads in these cases.

Chief Deputy Dale Ward urges residents be cautious and careful. "It is not uncommon for citizens living in small communities to have a false sense of security that they are safe from these types of crime. Box Elder County Sheriff's Office would like to remind everyone not to leave anything of value in their vehicles. Lock them and take the keys when you are away from them."

He also cautions against leaving homes unlocked. "In this day and age, the criminal element is so mobile that no rural area is safe from criminal activity," he said.


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