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NEWS - "5.7 magnitude earthquake in Utah felt state-wide"

BOX ELDER COUNTY – By Cari Doutre – March 19, 2020

Residents across the state of Utah were rattled Wednesday morning when the largest earthquake to hit the state since 1992, rumbled across the Wasatch Front. A 5.8 magnitude earthquake happened in St. George in 1992.

On March 18, at approximately 7:09 a.m., the earthquake shook as far north as Box Elder County, waking up those still sleeping and jolting those already awake.

According to the University of Utah Seismography Station, the earthquake was recorded at magnitude 5.7. The epicenter was in Magna, 10 miles west of downtown Salt Lake City.

Dozens of aftershocks followed.

Box Elder County Emergency Management reported at 7 p.m. on March 18, that there is no reported damage in Box Elder County.

“All county bridges and buildings have been assessed,” they stated.

Fear hit residents already on edge from recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) events. Rumors started on social media that officials were predicting an even stronger earthquake was set to hit. Those rumors were quickly squashed by Box Elder Emergency Management.

“There is no way to predict an earthquake!” They posted on social media. “This is bad information and is causing undue panic.”

“The reality is that anything could happen, but there is no way to predict it,” they added.

Not long after that rumors of fuel shortages in Utah spread. Once again, those rumors were squashed.

“There is plenty of fuel supply. No need to panic at the gas stations,” Box Elder Emergency Management posted.


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