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BRHS HI-STEPPERS - "Bears dance their way to state"

HYRUM – By Cari Doutre, Jan. 21, 2020

Region 11’s drill team competition, held Tuesday, Jan. 21, gave the Bear River Hi-Steppers the opportunity to compete at the next level. This year Mountain Crest High hosted the region championships.

The 4A state championships will be held Friday, Jan. 24, at Utah Valley University in Orem.

The Bears are among four Region 11 teams that will compete in three different divisions, military, character and dance, at the state finals.

In an article published Jan. 13, 2020, by The Valley Headliner – – Hi-Stepper Coach Kelbi Jackson expressed her thoughts on this year’s team.

“They’re really talented,” Jackson said about this year’s team of 13 dancers.

“Sometimes they think they don’t see the potential they have through and I want them to see it. Once they start, I think everyone else is going to start seeing it,” Jackson added.

This year’s character routine has a fun story behind it. While traveling on an airplane to meet with the team, their choreographer came up with the idea. He changed up the entire routine at the last minute.

That idea was to have the dancers be dressed and perform a routine as flight attendants. It was something different, something that hasn’t been done before.

“It’s fun to watch,” Jackson said.

While military routines are often similar with the same elements, this year the Hi-Steppers really changed it up with their dance routine.

“Our dance routine is very different than any other school’s routines,” Jackson said. “It’s kind of dark and intense and kind of intimidating.”

Bear River Hi-Stepper pictures by Andy Marchant Photography




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