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BOX ELDER COUNTY FAIR - "The perfect little pair"

TREMONTON - Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist, August 18, 2021

Golden Spike Rodeo Queen 2021 Destiny Zarate - Photo by Ashley Wright Photography

Destiny Zarate was just five years old when she climbed aboard her own horse. It was a natural action given the fact that her father, Nick, trained horses with her grandfather and her mom, Jenny, was no stranger to rodeo queen competitions.

Now eight years later, this pint-sized powerhouse on horseback is proudly wearing her own queen crown as she reigns over the Golden Spike Rodeo during the 2021 Box Elder County Fair. At just 13 years of age, this Tremonton cowgirl is the youngest queen to claim that honor.

The title has definitely come in steps, according to her mother. “She entered her first competition at the age of five,” she said. “She didn’t win. The second year she won horsemanship, then it was second attendant, first attendant and the last four years it has been Little Miss, Princess, Junior Queen and now Senior Queen.”

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Destiny Zarate - Photo by Ashley Wright Photography

She said they are very proud of their daughter and her accomplishments.

“She never gives up and she always has a good attitude. She also shows sportsmanship and cheers on the others. That is one of the biggest things in judged events. And it has been four years of winning now. She has always been very determined in everything she does,” Jenny said.

Through each level of competition, Destiny has had the training, support and encouragement from her family. She has also had the ultimate partner. Back when she could count her age on one hand, her father bought her a three-year old horse she named Joe. Since then, the two have been inseparable - and unstoppable.

“When I first started to compete, the judges told me Joe was too much horse,” Destiny said. “They don’t tell me that anymore.”

“Now they are the perfect little pair,” Jenny inserted.

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Golden Spike Rodeo Queen 2021 Destiny Zarate - Photo by Ashley Wright Photography

What the judges do say now to this soon-to-be-eight grader, besides “Well Done!” is for her to control her nervousness during competition. Destiny said it is hard to do when those she usually competes against are so much older. “It’s scary and a little nerve-wracking because they are more experienced,” she admits. “Who knows how long they have been doing this?”

But she also knows she has a good horse under her and the ability within her.

“I try not to pay attention to their age, and I feel confident with all the hours and hours of practice I have put into it. Then I think of the bond I have with Joe. He works really well with me,” Destiny said.

There is an aspect of queen competition that her four-legged pal cannot help with, however, and it was the hardest part of the recent contest for this barely-teen. “The worst part is doing a speech,” she said. “I’ve never done that before. It is a challenge to be in front of a huge crowd and give my speech to everybody.”

But just as she does in every competitive challenge, Destiny is good at putting her mind in control of her nerves. “I just tell myself to give it my all and not be nervous or worried, as long as I do my best.”

She will certainly be at her best during Fair Week as she waves to fairgoers during the Wednesday parade and makes presentation rides around the arena during the nightly rodeos. “To me that is the fun part of representing the rodeo. I enjoy all that.”

Those waves may have to take a back seat for a while, however. This year Destiny will be vying, not for a crown, but for a buckle as she plans to compete in Junior High School rodeos, putting Joe to the test in barrels, poles and possibly breakaway roping.

“I like a little variety,” she simply said, adding, “and Joe likes speed.”

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2021 Golden Spike Rodeo Queen Destiny Zarate - Photo by Ashley Wright Photography

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