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BREAKING NEWS – “Box Elder schools to start one hour late”

BOX ELDER COUNTY – By Cari Doutre – October 21, 2020

Starting Thursday, Oct. 29, all schools in Box Elder School District will start exactly one hour later than normal start time and no early out days for elementary schools.

According to an email send to parents of students within the school district on Oct. 21, from Box Elder School District’s Superintendent Steve Carlsen it stated that the stress COVID-19 (coronavirus) protocols have put on teachers prompted the school district to make changes.

“These protocols have put a lot of pressure on our teachers. We have been asking teachers to keep up with their face to face in-person classrooms and help their students who work are quarantined, isolated or because they have stayed home like we have asked them to when they are sick,” the email stated.

“There is not enough time in the school day for teachers to keep up with this extra task,” it added.

This new start time will be for all K-12 schools and students in the district. The new schedule will be the same five days a week with the elimination of early out on Wednesdays for elementary school students.

Carlsen added that this change will allow the school district to “evaluate this schedule’s effectiveness and the number of COVID-19 cases, quarantines, and the number of students staying home when sick every three to four weeks.”

Box Elder School District will reevaluate those numbers again in November and again in December.

Find the email in full below.


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