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COLUMN – A Step Back in Time... “100 Years of Progress! 1920 to 2020”

By Lyle Holmgren - November 26, 2020

The Holmgren family of Tremonton goes back four generations of pioneers and developers in the Bear River Valley that helped bring growth and prosperity to the community.

Lyle Holmgren of Tremonton started posting historical community photos and information on social media and has granted The Valley Headliner – permission to publish his work.

“100 Years of Progress! 1920 to 2020”

In Tremonton's early days, getting around town on soggy days meant slipping or getting stuck on muddy streets and walking along wood plank sidewalks. Storekeepers must have dreaded people tracking all that mud into their stores. And yet in 1920, for a small town of less than 1,000 residents, Tremonton had plans.

Soon, the mayor and city council replaced those muddy streets and wood plank sidewalks with pavement and cement sidewalks. Water and sewer systems were installed facilitating the building boom which was happening downtown. All this helped to secure Tremonton's role as the economic hub of Northern Box Elder County.

Main St., Tremonton - Photo courtesy of Lyle Holmgren
Photo courtesy of Lyle Holmgren


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