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COMMUNITY - "Artistic talent on display at 2020 Box Elder County Fair"

TREMONTON - By Cari Doutre - August 29, 2020

Box Elder County Fair, August 28, 2020 - Photo by Cari Doutre

The Fine Arts building at the Box Elder County fairgrounds was nearly empty this year due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic restrictions, but as some events and exhibits were cancelled all together this year, local artists were still able to showcase their talent during the 2020 Box Elder County Fair, August 26-29.

Exhibits in Fine Arts, Home Arts, Photography and other departments were far less this year during the fair but the talent was just as grand as ever. Included in this year's exhibits was a tribute to Lori Nicholas and new this year, "Rosie's Ribbon," a special award and ribbon given in memory of Rosalie Yoder, a 27-year volunteer in the Box Elder County Home Arts department, who passed away in April 2020.

Check back with in coming days for a feature story on "Rosie's Ribbon."

This year the Box Elder County Fair cancelled all food exhibits (COVID-19 safety concerns). Also noticeably missing this year were Box Elder County town and city displays in the Fine Arts building - among others.

Modifications were made to allow exhibits accessible to the public including a drive-in art show on August 21.

This year the public voted for their favorites in the Fine Arts department online through Facebook. Here are the results courtesy of BEC Fine Arts:

SPECIAL MERIT WINNER: Cindy Crapse; "Thirsty Leopard, Savanna Sunset"


1st - Gloria Rudd

2nd - Rebecka Hathaway; "Winter Solice"

3rd - Karaleen Parkinson; "Mountain View"


1st - Linda Diane Petersen; "My Childhood in San Diego"

2nd - Leonard Morgan Hawkes; "Clear Creek from Strevell"

3rd - Ovie Reynolds; "Hidden Valley"


1st - Kathryn Hildebrandt Ellis; "You Will be Traveling and Coming into a Fortune"

2nd - Cory Shaffer; "Another Day at the Office"


1st - Jace Liljenquist; "The Stranger"

2nd - Merinda Brighton; "Mother Eve"

3rd - Elizabeth Murphy


1st - Heidi Wynn; "Something Sweet"

2nd - Will Rhodes; "Snowdrifts"

3rd - Katie Wynn; "The Light in the Dark"


1st - Brylee Andrus

2nd - Kayt Shaffer; "Summer Sunflower"

3rd - Brighton Barnett; "Baby Yoda and Porgs"


1st - Skylee; "Spankster the Goat"

2nd - Brynn; "Puppy"

3rd - Asher; “Country Autumn"


1st - Justin; "Rainbow"

2nd - Klayr; "G.O.A.T" Greatest of All Time

3rd - Brigg; " Darkened Sunset"


1st - Olive; "Cat"

1st - Elenore; "Ummm...It's Just Paint"

Photo coverage provided by Cari Doutre/The Valley Headliner –


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