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COMMUNITY – “Champion pets; champion kids”

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre, August 19, 2021

Stuart Fertig and Cosmo, August 14, 2021 - Photo by John Hurley

The results are in and those hardworking 4-H students, and their pets, were finally able to see that hard work pay off. The 2021 Box Elder County Fair 4-H Pet Show was held Tuesday, August 10, while the 4-H Dog Show was held Saturday, August 14, both at the Box Elder County fairgrounds in Tremonton.

Tuesday’s competition included skills stations and the advocate testing for pets ranging from dogs, cats, pocket pets, reptiles and the those listed in the diversity division.

Then it was time for the “big dogs” to compete.

During Saturday’s dog show competition, 4-H youth members and their dogs participated in showmanship and rally where they competed in obedience, agility and fast-to-follow events.

Photos, found below results, are by John Hurley with courtesy photos from Lacee Sorensen

2021 Box Elder County Fair Pet Show Results:

Written Test Champion: Adam Mecham

Skills Station Champion: Lilly Parkinson

Junior Grand Champion: Linlie Hatch

Junior Reserve Champion: Kaylie Hatch

Intermediate Grand Champion: Stuart Fertig

Intermediate Reserve Champion: Courtney Wilkinson

Senior Grand Champion: Hunter Kotter

Senior Reserve Champion: Patience Tolboe

2021 Box Elder County Fair Dog Show Results:

Written Test Champion: Kaylie Hatch

Skills Station Champion: Stuart Fertig

High Point Overall Junior: Linlie Hatch

High Point Overall Intermediate: Tacie Hatch

High Point Overall Senior: Hunter Kotter

Grand Champion Showmanship: Tacie Hatch and Relic

Reserve Champion Showmanship: Adam Mecham and Otis

Grand Champion Obedience: Kaylie Hatch and Maple

Reserve Champion Obedience: Tacie Hatch and Relic

Grand Champion Rally: Tacie Hatch and Walle

Reserve Champion Rally: Kaylie Hatch and Maple

Grand Champion Agility: Marlie Morris and Millie

Reserve Champion Agility: Sable Kelsey and Pike

Individual Skills Stations Champions:

K9 First Aid: Hunter Kotter

Grooming: Adam Mecham

Conformation: Hadlee Jo Kotter

Health and Wellness: Stuart Fertig

Oral Health: Stuart Fertig

Communication and Behavior: Stuart Fertig

4-H Dog Show

August 14, 2021 - Pictures by John Hurley

4-H Dog Show skills stations

August 14, 2021 - Photos courtesy of Lacee Sorensen

4-H Pet Show

August 10, 2021 - Photos by John Hurley


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