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COMMUNITY - "Dancing with Daddy's little girl"

Publisher's note: apologizes for the delay in publishing pictures of Tremonton City's 2022 Daddy Daughter Dance. Sometimes small things in life mysteriously disappear - including zip drives with pictures on them. But better late than never!

2022 Daddy Daughter Dance, Tremonton, February 5, 2022 - Photo by John Hurley

TREMONTON - February 27, 2022

Dancing the night away, Tremonton City's 6th annual Daddy Daughter Dance was the place to be on February 5. Elegantly dressed for this formal, yet fun event, there was plenty of food, fun and music as fathers (or father figures) and their daughters lit up the dance floor at the Box Elder County fairgrounds.

Pictures of the 2022 Daddy Daughter Dance are available to purchase (without a copyright mark) for $5. To purchase any of's pictures posted below, email us at:

Photos by John Hurley


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