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COMMUNITY – “Fall community scavenger hunt starts Oct. 1”

BOX ELDER COUNTY – September 28, 2020

The Box Elder Fall Fun Scavenger Hunt begins October 1, 2020.

This fall’s scavenger hunt is like a GooseChase hunt similar to the Golden Spike Challenge that was part of Tremonton City Days this year.

“Families love the GooseChase hunts because they’re free to play and they’re really fun,” said Tori Jones, Box Elder Community Coordinator for My Discovery Destination!

“They get to take their team to do quick activities and earn points. When they submit photo or video evidence of completing the missions, the GooseChase app keeps track of the team rankings. Families get to make memories together, compete against other teams and win big prizes,” Jones added.

Missions will include visiting a pumpkin walk, playing football and making fangs with candy corn.

“Families want to have fun together, but sometimes it takes something new and exciting to make that happen. Activities like this can get all family members excited to participate,” Jones said.

To join in on the fun, download the GooseChase app for Android or IOS and enter game code ZD1K9Z

The Box Elder Fall Fun Scavenger Hunt is sponsored by Tremonton City and My Discovery Destination!

For more information email:


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