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COMMUNITY - "Little library, big benefits"

TREMONTON - By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist - August 13, 2021

Whitney and Harley Ritchie - Courtesy photo

They say big things come in little packages.

Thanks to a donation from the General Federation of Women’s Clubs – Tremonton Women’s Civic League, in partnership with Utah State University, a “little” has made a “big” addition to the USU-Tremonton campus.

On July 27, 2021, a ribbon cutting was held for a new Little Free Library that was designed, built, decorated, installed and filled by community members. On hand were Dan Black, director of USU Tremonton, facility staff members and league representatives.

According to Linda Kuwana, member of the Education Committee for GFWC Women’s Civic League and GFWC State President, “The beauty of the tiny library is that you don’t have to return anything. The books are rotated naturally by individuals who have loved the books and then donate them in hopes that someone else may love them, too.”

She said construction of the little library was done by Sid Forsgren and league member and USU-Tremonton staffer, Tiffany Mansfield, who made it sturdy enough to withstand being outdoors.

To enhance its appeal, Whitney Richie provided attractive artwork. Cyndi Peterson-Lanham helped with the installation and the first round of books inside were provided by Andy Shinkle, USU Regional Manager.

Little libraries such as the one now located in Tremonton are popping up all over the country, thanks to the initial idea developed by Todd H Bol, who installed one in his hometown in Wisconsin.

Kuwana urges the public to come and leave a book and take a book. “We hope that you will be able to use this tiny library as much as you’d like, that you will invite others, and that hopefully, someday, you’ll be able to come into this building (USU) and become an Aggie!”

Courtesy photos


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