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COMMUNITY - "Officers Donate Time for Christmas"

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

TREMONTON/GARLAND - By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist, December 18, 2022

Police often get a bad rap for doing their job, giving out a speeding ticket or two, or putting wraps on someone's "fun."

Well, officers with the Tremonton-Garland Police gave out much more this holiday season. They shared the true spirit of Christmas as they joined together to donate their accumulated unused sick leave to help families in need.

Tremonton-Garland Police Chief Dustin Cordova called this generous act "deeply inspiring," and something he said he has never seen during his years in law enforcement.

Sgt. Gailey and Officer Gilchrist spearheaded the holiday "give back" and made arrangements with city officials to allow the donation of personal sick leave. In total, around $3,000 was gifted. That money was used to buy presents for five area families to help bolster their Christmas. Those items were then wrapped for delivery by the officers and their families.

The police also worked with the local food pantry to make sure each household had the needed ingredients for a full Christmas dinner.

"Our officers risk so much to care for our community every single day. To see them give personal time to help families in need is truly spectacular. Words cannot express my feelings. I am extremely proud of the men and women who make up the Tremonton-Garland Police Department," Chief Cordova said.

Officers and volunteers gather to wrap presents for families this Christmas. Money for the gifts was donated by members of the Tremonton-Garland Police Department. Courtesy Photo.


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