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COMMUNITY - "Sale Money to Help Grow Garden"

Londyn Gamble and members of the Northern Box Elder County Suicide Prevention Coalition - Courtesy Photo

Londyn Gamble, August 2022 - Photo by John Hurley

TREMONTON - By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist, January 16, 2023

Londyn Gamble is willing to give when it hurts.

Following the sale of her steer at the Box Elder County Jr. Livestock Auction in August 2022, Londyn, a 7th grader at Alice C. Harris Intermediate School in Tremonton, followed through with her decision to donate part of the proceeds to help those in the community who struggle. Her generosity put a large sum of money toward a wellness garden, an oasis within the county for those who battle with mental illness.

Londyn has personally felt the devastating effects of suicide in her young life and through her donation, hopes to keep others from feeling the pain she has felt, and continues to feel.

Read more about Londyn's story in a previously published article by on the link below.

Her stepmother, Jennie Gamble, recently share the moment on Facebook.

“Yesterday Justin and I got to witness Londyn do what she set out to do…and that was to give back to our very own community to help others battling mental health. Londyn was able to donate $8,005 to the Northern Box Elder County Suicide Prevention Coalition.”

Jennie said the Coalition has big plans for the community wellness garden.

“It’s going to be amazing when it’s done and eve more beneficial to those in our community who may be struggling or battling mental health issues,” she said.

Her parents say they are proud of Londyn and amazed at her strength and her desire to spread awareness.

“The bigger picture is she wants to help make a difference even if it helps just one person,” Jennie wrote. “That’s one less person who has to feel the hurt she and many others feel daily from the losses they have endured due to suicide.”

Londyn Gamble - Courtesy Photo


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