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FEATURE – “Community comes together for live nativity experience”

GARLAND – By Tori Jones – December 7, 2020

On Dec. 14, 2020, a field in northern Box Elder County (Garland to be exact) will be transformed into scenes from the nativity as over 50 local neighbors and businesses have come together to create a drive-thru Christmas experience to be shared with the entire community.

“I am organizing this event as a service to the community because of the crazy year. I wanted to have something for our elderly to safely attend, and something that was free to those who are struggling because of job loss. I wanted to do something to strengthen families, and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas,” said Laura Calder, event organizer.

Christmas music will be playing on an FM station as drivers pass scenes that include Caesar and a Roman soldier, Mary and Joseph with a live goat and donkey and wise men with a live camel. At the end of the nativity will be a scene of angels singing along with the carols on the radio.

This presentation is COVID-19 safe since visitors stay in their cars and the actors are separated by families in scenes. All ages are invited to attend and there is no entry fee.

“We wanted this event to unite us in Christ and so it is not sponsored by any particular church. Our greatest desire is that through this project, all those who attend can experience and feel the hope and peace that the Savior of the World gives us all,” Calder said.

The drive-thru live nativity will be Monday, Dec 14, from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Enter at the intersection of 14800 N. and 4400 W. in Garland. Follow the signs through the nativity presentation and exit onto 14400 North.

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More information is available at the “Drive-Thru Live Nativity” event listing on Facebook at

“It has uplifted my spirits during this crazy year with so many ups and downs and to see how many willingly sacrificed to help this project go forward. I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful community,” Calder added.


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