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NEWS - "County commissioners publicly express support for local law enforcement"

BOX ELDER COUNTY – By Cari Doutre – July 5, 2020

In recent weeks as part of the country struggles with political and social turmoil, Box Elder County is showing their support for members of local law enforcement.

On July 1, 2020, Box Elder County Commissioners Jeff Hadfield, Jeff Scott and Stan Summers passed and signed Resolution No. 20-10 “expressing our continued support of the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office.”

Citing recent “turmoil and impassioned debate about law enforcement in this country,” the three commissioners expressed their gratitude and support for Box Elder County Sheriff Kevin Potter and all officers in the department.

“Sheriff Potter and his Officers, time and time again, have put their lives at risk and gone into harm’s way to protect all who need the help,” the resolution states.

Adding in the resolution that law enforcement officers in Box Elder County deserve “the appreciation and respect of the people of this County for the merit, dignity, bravery, and reliability they exhibit each and every day.”

In a move to publicly state their support for the sheriff’s department, Box Elder County Commissioners added “Our community relies on these courageous men and women when it is difficult to stand on our own, and we are indebted to their unwavering public service to our County.”

Sheriff Potter responded to Resolution No. 20-10 with a statement on social media through the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page.

“This resolution was passed last night at a County Commission meeting in response to the defunding or dismantling of law enforcement that is happening in some areas. It lets the citizens and BESO know that nothing like that will happen here,” Potter wrote.

“I can’t say enough about the support we are given by the commission and the citizens. But it is all possible because of the way we treat citizens, including those in jail,” Potter added.

Resolution No. 20-10 concluded by stating, “We commit to stand in their defense as they stand in our defense with a moral and fervent dignity we have come to expect and appreciate.”

Find the full resolution below.


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