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NEWS - "One 2021 New Year's baby - two titles"

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre – January 9, 2021

Josiah Helmandollar - Photo courtesy of Loretta Helmandollar

Sometimes it takes days, even weeks, before the Bear River Valley Hospital in Tremonton welcomes the arrival of their first baby born in a new year. That didn’t happen in 2021.

On Saturday, Jan. 1, 2021, at 4:16 p.m., Jeff and Loretta Helmandollar of Malad, welcomed baby Josiah into the world earning him Bear River Valley Hospital’s 2021 New Year’s baby title.

It was also lucky for baby Josiah that not every hospital, or county, share the same traditions when it comes to who earns the New Year’s baby title. He is also Oneida County, Idaho’s 2021 New Year’s baby - even though he was born in Box Elder County. The two counties share a border and it’s a common practice for southern Idaho residents to travel to northern Utah for medical services.

It was an impressive feat for a little guy weighing in at just 5lbs, 11oz, especially for his older siblings. Josiah was welcomed home by his brother Wesley, 7, and his sister Genesis, 2, and they are definitely impressed.

“Oh, they can’t get enough of him,” Loretta said about the sibling love.

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Josiah with his brother Wesley and sister Genesis - Photo courtesy of Loretta Helmandollar

Getting Josiah home was a little more excitement than anyone expected though.

Josiah’s due date was Jan. 7, so when Loretta went into labor on Jan. 1, they were not prepared for how quickly her labor would progress. That meant it was a little more frantic in the delivery room than usual, but all is well for the family because it meant Loretta’s plan was a success.

When it came time to make a birth plan, Loretta was very adamant that she was going to try things differently this time. She wanted a completely natural birth experience – no pain medication or pain blockers at all.

Loretta wanted to be able to prove to herself that she could do this like they did, “in the olden days,” she said with a laugh.

And she did just that.

Loretta is one tough mom.

“I would do it again,” she said about having another natural birth.

The family’s experience welcoming baby Josiah into the world was not only exciting, it was positive as well.

“With everything that happened that day, the doctors and all the nurses did the best job ever. I am extremely happy with the care. Not only for me and the baby but also for the dad,” Loretta said.

“We really had a good experience and enjoyed it,” she added.

As the 2021 Bear River Valley Hospital New Year’s Baby, Josiah went home with an assortment of prizes – items donated to the family of the first baby born this year by local businesses and organizations.


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