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NEWS - Rumored Threat at ACHI "Unfounded"

TREMONTON - February 16, 2023

Just after 8 a.m., on Thursday, February 16, Tremonton Garland Police officers were dispatched to Alice C. Harris Intermediate School in Tremonton to investigate an alleged "shooting threat" to the school, according to Chief Dustin Cordova.

In the first of two emails to parents and guardians, send from ACHI at 8:14 a.m., it was stated, "The police have been contacted and are involved in the investigation. We appreciate those students and individuals who have brought this to our attention."

The message went on to say that there would be a police presence at the school to help sudents feel protected and those parents who had concerns were welcome to keep their children home to work remotely.

About an hour and half later, a second email was send out informing parents that the rumored threat was unfounded.

In a statement issued by Principal David Lee, he reinterated that information. "It has been determined and investigated to be a non-creditable threat from an unfounded rumor. There is no threat."


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