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SPORTS - "Horsing around, Box Elder County style"

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

BOX ELDER COUNTY - By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist, October 3, 2021

Box Elder's 4-H Horse group taking a win at Region held in Summit County in July. Courtesy Photo

It has been an eventful summer for a host of young equestrians in Box Elder.

With a dozen or more horse 4-H clubs scattered across the county, being horseback has filled more than a few hours in the day for these horse lovers. Learning how to interact with a four-legged partner in the show arena takes time, determination and a love of riding.

That dedication paid off big time in July when the entire group went to the Regional Show in Summit County, placing high in that competition.

Juniors at Region. Courtesy Photo

Seniors at Region. Courtesy Photo

Last week the county’s top horsemen (and women) participated at the Utah 4-H State Horse Show, September 22-25, held at the Black Hawk Arena in Salina.

Box Elder County sent three teams to that show, one in each of three divisions, ranging from third graders to 12th graders.

The youngest group, the Juniors (third through sixth) had five team members, the Intermediate team (seventh through ninth) had seven and the seasoned riders, the Senior group (10th through 12th), consisted of another five.

The participants were determined by points totaled from three different shows held earlier in the year. Each rider took their two highest scores from those three events to determine their final standing. The top ones were selected to participate at state.

The four-day competition in Salina started with English Riding on Wednesday. Thursday saw what is called Two-Hand and In-Hand, an event for riders with younger horses. Friday was Western and Saturday was Speed events. Western, which consists of eight events (Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Bareback, Barrels, Poles, Scurry and two non-horse events: Test and Portfolio) was mandatory for all participants. Western and Speed scores were combined to determine individual winners in those areas.

According to Emily Bingham of Honeyville, whose daughter, Malorie, participated on the Senior Team, “Our county just blows everybody away. They are so good at what they do.”

To put an exclamation point on that statement, Box Elder brought home two All-Around titles in Western. **Kylee Adams, daughter of Ben and Jenny Adams of Promontory, won in the Junior Division. ***Shauntay Ormond, daughter of Clint and Deni Ormond of Bear River City, garnered her own All-Around win as a Senior.

After that, “the whole county won all over the place,” Bingham noted.

Here is a rundown of those wins:

Kylee Adams demonstrated her equestrian talents to take first at the State show. Courtesy Photo

Shauntay Ormond bested the Seniors group to finish first in Salina. Courtesy Photo


**Kylee Adams: 2nd Working Ranch Horse, Two-hand - 2nd in showmanship, horsemanship, equitation, 1st trail, test and portfolio; Individual - 5th showmanship and horsemanship, 5th overall judged, 1st test, 2nd portfolio, 6th scurry, 6th overall speed events

Josey Ormond: 4th in horsemanship, 4th in barrels, 8th in poles 16th speed, 10th overall

TayCee Adams:1st in Working Ranch Horse; In Hand - 1st in test, 4th in showmanship, 2nd in lunge-line, 3rd in trail, 2nd overall; Two Handed - 3rd showmanship, horsemanship, trail and equitation, 2nd in test and portfolio, 3rd overall; Individual - 2nd test, 6th portfolio, 8th bareback.

Parker Miner: Individual - 2nd showmanship and bareback, 3rd horsemanship, 6th test 1st overall judged events and 3rd all-around.

Sawyer Thurgood:


Destiny Zarate:

Carson Miner: Two handed - 1st in horsemanship, 2nd test and portfolio, 7th overall; Individual - 2nd showmanship, 4th in bareback and portfolio, 5th test, 1st overall judged events, 18th overall speed, 4th all-around.

Dustee Buhl: Two Handed - 1st showmanship, 3rd western pleasure, 2nd trail, 3rd overall; Judged events - 4th showmanship, 10th horsemanship, 5th bareback, 4th overall.

Mikinlee Scott:

Charly Henderson: Reserve Champion in the Hunter show, 5th in two-hand, 8th in speed and 8th overall.

Ellie Thurgood: 1st in bareback equitation and 17th overall.

Marlie Morris: Individual - 14th overall speed, 12th overall all-around.


Lexie Ormond: Two-Hand - 8th Overall, 4th Test, 4th Trail. 1st in poles, 3rd in barrels, 7th overall; 18th overall judged, 13th overall speed.

***Shauntay Ormond: 1st in Test, 4th in Showmanship, 1st in Barrels, 2nd in Poles, Sixth in Scurry, 1st overall Speed, 8th overall Judged.

Beth Beebe:

Marlorie Bingham: Non Horse events - 4th in Test, 13th Portfolio; 11th in Showmanship, 12th Horsemanship, 13th overall

Aspen Smith:

Shauntay Ormond, daughter of Clint and Deni Ormond of Bear River City. Courtesy Photo

Kylee Adams, daughter of Ben and Jenny Adams of Promontory. Courtesy Photo


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