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COMMUNITY – My Discovery Destination! Fall Scavenger Hunt BRVNEWS mission

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

October 24, 2020

Publisher’s note:

The Valley Headliner –, has teamed up with My Discovery Destination! in Box Elder County for their Fall Scavenger Hunt. The mission to complete for is to write a spooky Halloween story. More information about this mission can be found at a previously posted article HERE or below the story.

“Small Town Stay-at-Home Mom Turns into a Ghost!”

By FrandsenFamily (team name)

The story is, she died of embarrassment after her kids crashed her car into a fire hydrant, causing their neighbor's house to flood and costing her thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately for that poor family, she came back as a ghost, and they weren't left motherless.

You see, concentrated energy sometimes takes a human form, thus forming a ghost. That's what happened here today. We managed to get an interview with the hysteric family.

“We didn't mean to do it! Honestly!” They confessed.

“We were just so surprised that honestly, I just about turned into a ghost myself,” said their dad.

What is this family to do? Well, just as Dory put it, “just keep swimming.”

"Local Grandma Claims a Skeleton Stole Her Teeth"

By Silverseuss (team name)

Breaking News: Mildred Herringer had just settled into her bed last night when she heard a crash and the tapping of something across her bathroom tile floor. She grabbed her bifocals and sat up just in time to see someone or something run out of her bathroom, across her bedroom, and out her bedroom door.

“I began to investigate. There was a bony footprint in the carpet entering the bathroom. I just knew when I saw it, that I really did see what I thought I had seen!” Mildred replied when asked about the eerie event. She claims it was a skeleton that stole her teeth.

Mildred said the moment she saw movement she yelled, “stop, what are you doing! The skeleton just kept on running until he ran out my door and down the street.”

Neighbors heard him singing as he ran and muttering to himself that now he was going to be able to eat a fine steak dinner at Maddox.

“I just don’t know if I will be able to find another pair of dentures that comfortable,” Mildred said. She is beside herself about what to do.

Tremonton Police Chief Kurt Fertig said, “without fingerprints or any DNA evidence left on the scene, it will be near impossible to catch the individual involved in the disappearance of this lady’s teeth.”

If anyone has any information that could help lead to the finding and arrest of the skeleton involved, please contact the Tremonton City Police Department.

Why would a skeleton steal someone’s dentures? Maybe his teeth had rotted out, or maybe it was just a cruel Halloween trick. We may never know. Whether or not Mildred’s teeth really were stolen by a skeleton in search of some new chompers, we are unsure. After all, last year she did claim that she got ran over by a reindeer.

"50-year bike mystery solved"

By Melanie Wheeler

A bike reported stolen from Tremonton in 1970 was found this afternoon near the banks of the Bear River. A fisherman found the bike half buried in the bank. We have a clue as to who stole it since skeleton feet were still attached to the bike...the pedals still pedaling!

The stolen bike first made headlines back in 1970, when Billy Jenkers from 135 N Tremont street won the bike from the famous Mystery Mansion cereal giveaway. The town had a grand event to celebrate the arrival of the new shiny red bike. Sadly Billy only got to enjoy the bike that first day, as it was stolen later that night.

Jake, the fisherman who discovered the bike was one of the kids that attended that event and recognized the bike right off. "It was still shiny and not a spot of rust" Jake stated, "I am surprised no one found it before now"

But what about those pedaling skeleton feet? It stopped pedaling once they were extracted from the pedals. They were sent to the lab for DNA testing, but Detective Meyers is pretty sure those feet belong to Toeless Joe. The skeleton feet were both missing the big toes.

Toeless Joe also made headlines in the late 60's in this area. He was an infamous robber in Box Elder country, hitting all of the small businesses. On his wanted poster it noted he was missing his big toe on both feet. He was never caught and no longer pestered the area after the early 70s.

The maker of the bike is still unknown. It was shipped from cereal headquarters located in Pennsylvania back in the 70s that has since closed down.

Once the DNA reports come back the bike will be returned to Billy Jenkers. Who now lives in East Garland. Billy had no comments to add.

We have a poll posted online now would you like to ride that bike?

"Disturbing Sightings of the Grim Phantom"

By Aliya Francom


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