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SPORTS - "Division Champs! Bear River Wrestlers Take Home the Title"

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Bear River High boys' wrestling team, February 10, 2023 - Photo by Tymer Yeates

BEAR RIVER HIGH - By Cari Doutre, Headliner Publisher, February 15, 2023

A repeat division championship title was just what the Bear River High boys' wrestling team needed ahead of the 4A state championship tournament slated for February 17-18, in Richfield at the Sevier Valley Center (Snow College campus).

Last weekend the Bears traveled the distance to take on the 4A Division B tournament held in St. George at Snow Canyon High and for the second year in a row, the Bear River High boys' wrestling team brought home the division title. Bear River scored 397 points total as a team securing first place over Snow Canyon High (315.5) and Hurricane High (251), finishing in second and third place, respectively.

The top eight wrestlers in each weight class (in both Division A and Division B) qualify to compete in the state championship tournament. Bear River will send 22 wrestlers to the state tournament including the five Bears who topped the podium in first place on Saturday.

Joining the boys' wrestling team in celebration this year was the Bear River High girls' wrestling team who also took first place at divisionals. Both the boys' and the girls' tournaments were held at the same location allowing an opportunity for both teams to celebrate their victories together.

Read more about the Bear River High girls' wrestling team at divisionals on the link below.

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Bear River High wrestling, February 11, 2023 - Photo by Tymer Yeates

Vincent Fertig, February 9, 2023 - Photo by Melanie Smith

Kwade Kosoff, February 10, 2023 - Photo by Tymer Yeates

2023 4A Division B results:

1st place:

  • 106 - Brandon Thorsted, So.

  • 126 - Keaton Smith, So.

  • 150 - Braegger Richards, Sr.

  • 165 - Vincent Fertig, So.

  • 190 - Kwade Kosoff, Sr.

2nd place:

  • 106 - Jaxon Morgan, Fr.

  • 120 - Daxton Bingham, So.

  • 132 - Max Miller, Sr.

  • 138 - Ty Hawkes, Jr.

  • 150 - Jarom Nelson, Jr.

  • 175 - Skyler Yeates, Jr.

3rd place:

  • 144 - Caleb Korth, Jr.

  • 215 - Max Anderson, So.

4th place:

  • 157 - Kyle Detwiler, Jr.

  • 215 - Jaden DeCoursey, Jr.

5th place:

  • 157 - Kolt Kosoff, Fr.

  • 165 - KC Tisher, Sr.

  • 175 - Jared Jones, Jr.

  • 190 - Owen Hess, Sr.

6th place:

  • 132 - Chet Kunzler, Jr.

7th place:

  • 113 - Logan Gunderson, Fr.

  • 126 - Dustyn Deakin, So.

9th place:

  • 138 - Gunner Christensen, So.

  • 144 - Zeb Mitchell, Jr.

Photos by Melanie Smith and Tymer Yeates

Bear River High wrestling - Photo by Tymer Yeates

Kyle Detwiler - Photo by Tymer Yeates

Skyler Yeates - Photo by Tymer Yeates

Max Miller - Photo by Tymer Yeates

Jaden DeCoursey - Photo by Tymer Yeates

Keaton Smith - Photo by Tymer Yeates

Chet Kunzler - Photo by Tymer Yeates

Jarom Nelson and Braegger Richards - Photo by Melanie Smith

Keaton Smith - Photo by Melanie Smith

Logan Gunderson - Photo by Melanie Smith

Vincent Fertig - Photo by Melanie Smith

Braegger Richards - Photo by Melanie Smith

Chet Kunzler - Photo by Melanie Smith

Caleb Korth - Photo by Melanie Smith

KC Tisher - Photo by Melanie Smith

Owen Hess - Photo by Melanie Smith

Jaden DeCoursey - Photo by Melanie Smith

Max Miller - Photo by Melanie Smith

Daxton Bingham - Photo by Melanie Smith

Braegger Richards and Jarom Nelson - Photo by Melanie Smith

Skyer Yeates - Photo by Melanie Smith


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